Welcome to my Boise State EDTECH Portfolio!
This portfolio is to demonstrate my progression of learning in the M.E.T. program at Boise State. This site includes reflections, artifacts, and information learned during my coursework.

About Me
My name is Elizabeth Wood (formerly Elizabeth Surgeon).  I am a high school math teacher at a public high school in Williamsport, MD.  I am in my 8th year at the same school where I have taught math classes from Intro to Algebra up through Calculus, as well as an engineering class called Principles of Engineering.  I love reading, spending time outdoors, traveling, and being with my family, which just grew in May when my husband and I welcomed our baby girl!

Why an M.E.T. degree from Boise State?
There are several reasons I decided to pursue a degree in Educational Technology.  I have been teaching in a STEM school for the past 8 years and I have access to some technology through the STEM grant that we have.  I want to learn to fully utilize the technologies at my disposal to make my classroom as engaging as possible for my students.  Technology has become such a significant part of our daily lives and in order for my teaching to be relevant to my students I need to incorporate as much technology as I can.  My understanding of Web 2.0 technologies was fairly limited, but I know the possibilities are endless.  I believe the M.E.T. degree was the best way for me to learn about these technologies and how to use them in my classroom in a meaningful and engaging way to improve student achievement and prepare them for a future filled with technology.


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