Online Communities

This week’s assignment was to join at least four new online communities. The ones I have chosen are two EdWeb communities (Champion Creativity and Adaptive Math Learning), three Google+ communities (Mathematics Education K-12, Technology in Education, and Educators on Google+), LinkedIn, and Delicious.  From the limited time I’ve had so far to try each one of these communities Google+ is my favorite by far!  I also had no idea that LinkedIn offered groups to join, I always thought it was just a place to post your professional profile and connect with other professionals.

I posted 3 new links on Delicious, commented in the EdWeb communities, shared links or posted comments in the Google+ groups, and posted comments to the LinkedIn groups.  Definitely outside my comfort zone to be a participant rather than a “lurker”, but this course is really helping me get out there and get connected!

delicious 1,2,3 edweb 2 edweb google+ post google+ post2 google+ post3 google+ post4 google+ post5 linkedin linkedin2 webinar 5


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