This course has been one of the most useful and beneficial courses I have taken in working toward my M.E.T. degree.  It was not an easy course by any means, especially taking it in the condensed format of the summer semester, but looking back over the past 7 weeks at everything I’ve learned and created has made me very glad I took this course.  We learned so much about so many different forms of social media that it will take me a while to really figure out which sites/applications I want to incorporate in my classroom and for professional development purposes.  Before taking this course I knew very little about social media.  Beyond having a personal Facebook page that I rarely use, I really never used social media personally or professionally.  

While there are so many great applications of social media in the classroom I have come to see that it favors some subjects more than others.  The applications in English and history classes are almost overwhelming, but when it comes to math (especially high school math), they seem much more limited both in variety and in quantity.  There are certainly ideas for incorporating social media into math classrooms, but considering the already incredibly limited amount of time I have to get through the basic curriculum and prepare my students for all of the new Common Core testing requirements unfortunately seems to leave little room for incorporating some of the types of projects I have found.  The smaller applications, like communicating with students outside of class via Twitter or a class site such as a Facebook page seem more manageable to me at this point, but I hope that as I continue to use social media I can progressively include more avenues.

Even though I don’t see myself become a social media guru in the classroom anytime soon, I am very excited about the professional development opportunities and resources I have learned about in this course.  From webinars to Google+ groups to following hashtags using Tweetdeck, I have seen so many different types of professional development options I was not aware of prior to taking this course.  I’m looking forward to expanding my personal learning environment and sharing what I know with my colleagues as a new school year is about to start.

In terms of my blog performance throughout this course I think I have done well.  I’ve never been one to blog for personal use (or professional unless required as part of a course assignment), so it doesn’t come very naturally to me yet.  However, I tried to meet each week’s blog requirements in a thoughtful way.  There may have been assignments where I could have gone more in depth in my blog, but with a brand new baby at home I did the best I could with the time I had available.  Overall I would give myself 70/75 because I feel as though I completed the blogging assignments on-time and to the assignment specifications, but I do see room for improvement.


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