Personal Learning Environment

Another part of this week’s assignment was to analyze and diagram our Personal Learning Environment (PLE).  This was an interesting assignment as I had never really thought about how all of the things I do online are related.  Here is what I came up with for my PLE.


After thinking about all the different things I use and/or am a part of I chose three categories to organize.  The first category is “Sharing”.  Almost every one of these could be considered sharing because in some way each one allows for sharing; however, the ones I put in this category were Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, and YouTube because for me, the primary reason I use them is to share what I think and see.  The second category I chose was “Organizing”.  Again, many of these allow one to organize information, but for me, Pinterest,, Diigo, and Delicious are mainly organizational tools.  The last category I chose was “Communities”.  I went back and forth on what to name this and whether or not to separate it between professional and personal communities, but in the end I decided to keep them together.  In my communities category I have Reddit, Google+, LinkedIn, and EdWeb.  For me, the primary reason to join these sites is because they focus on creating communities.  One could make the argument that all of these are communities in one way or another, and I don’t disagree with that, but for the way I use them it is for the community aspect.

In comparing my PLE to those of my classmates I see a lot of similarities.  I compared mine to Jennifer Oestreich-Frost, Cassie Davenport, Nick Urban, Darin Gray, Logan Willits, and Rob Johnson.  Everyone had a lot of the same sites/apps such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, but the way they are categorized and organized varied.  My organization was similar to what Cassie, Jennifer, Logan and Rob did in that we all had things grouped fairly similarly and even shared some of the same groupings.  Nick’s and Darin’s were the most unique, both in how things were grouped and the design they used, especially Darin’s.  I really liked Darin’s idea of looking at his PLE as a gateway and depicting himself on a journey between the old world of traditional learning and the new world of social interactive learning, very clever!  Overall, comparing my PLE to my classmates has reinforced to me that my online presence and participation is not nearly as strong as it could be.  I kind of already knew that because I barely use Facebook, never had Twitter or Instagram or any of the really common things, much less the other types of social media.  Having seen their PLEs makes me all the more interested in growing and developing my own!


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