As a teacher one of the most important and often most difficult things for me to do create and implement effective assessment. As part of my PBL project I’m finding that rubrics really help with that. I’ve never really used the typical rubrics in my math classes before, but I think making sure students fully understand what they are being asked to do is very import, especially when it comes to projects. Making sure students find what they are doing is relevant to them is very important, because they will be much more invested and successful. To teach students about quadratic equations and projectile motion I am having students design, build, and test a projectile launcher. Students will be assessed both with both formative and summative assessments that promote quality work and reflection. Students will be completing a project journal throughout the process and will present their project and results to an audience. I’ve never attempted something on this scope before, but I’m hoping that by implementing rubrics for parts throughout the project it will benefit not only the students but me as well.


EDTECH 542 Project Development

This week I started researching and developing an idea for my PBL project.  I’ve decided to do a quadratics/projectile motion unit based on launching a water balloon.  I’m in the very initial stages of developing the project, but my driving question for the activity is: What is really involved in launching a water balloon?  I think my students will find this to be an interesting topic that is rich in math and physics concepts.  The project will be very hands on and will involve students designing and creating a water balloon launcher, analyzing it and developing an understanding of quadratics and projectile motion along the way.  

I’ve started creating a visual organizer for my project through Gliffy.  Here is a link to what I have so far.  I still have a long way to go, but it’s a start!