RSS For Education

There are so many resources out there that it can be almost overwhelming at times to try to sort through them.  With the help of RSS feeds that task is made much simpler.  When trying to find resources to plan and write lessons, whenever you find a site with information that you want to subscribe to, you can easily utilize a tool like Google Reader to store and organize all of your subscriptions.

In the classroom Google Reader and RSS feeds can be a great resource.  Students can easily search online and for information and helpful resources for projects or homework help and store them in one easy to find place.  Since these sites update automatically they won’t have to search for new or unread information because it is delivered right to them.  This feature saves considerable time continually searching the same sites for new information, and time is one of the most valuable things in the classroom.

Both teachers and students can use RSS feeds and tools such as Google Reader.  They are a great way to get all of the most up-to-date information from your favorite sources without having to continually waste time searching.  Being able to subscribe to sites brings all the new information straight to you in one easy to use tool.

Here is a link to a bundle of RSS Feeds with various resources for teachers:  Teaching Resources