As part of EdTech 543 we have been required to create a Facebook page, Twitter account, and a Diigo account. I already had a personal Facebook so I’m familiar with that, and I have a Diigo account from a previous EdTech course, but I have never used Twitter before. I see the value in creating and using these accounts; however, since they are all tied to my Boise State email I’m not sure how useful they will be after I complete the EdTech program. I know it’s not a difficult thing to set up accounts with these social media outlets, but I feel like by the time I will have created all the accounts on all the different sites required by the various EdTech courses that I will have so many I won’t be able to remember them all.

As far as my experience professionally with social media, I have very little. My school has been through MyBigCampus and is now using GoogleSites, but it seems like every couple years they chose a new thing and anything created previously is discarded. Beyond my graduate courses in the EdTech program I have not really used social media in my professional development other than an occasional professional development session that mentions social media. Really the only thing I’ve used that might be considered social media is Remind 101, an app that allows me to send out group texts (from a generic number not my own) to remind parents and students about important assignments and tests.

Since my knowledge and use of social media is fairly limited I hope to learn a lot from this course. I would really like to see how to utilize social media in a high school classroom and specifically in a high school math classroom. There are so many things I’ve seen that seem like they would be perfect for an English or social studies class, but the practical applications in a math class seem limited. It seems like formatting math symbols is something that not a lot of programs/apps/tools can do, or if they can it is time consuming to do so.

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