Final Project Reflection

This course and creating a PBL project is one of the most valuable experiences I have had in the MET program.  Some classes focus more on just theory, others on technology, but this class gave me the opportunity to really utilize a lot of what I have learned so far to create an actual product I could use in my classroom.  

Before taking this course I had an idea of what PBL was but I had never studied it or really incorporated it (even though I thought I had).  I think the things I understand best about PBL now is that authenticity and freedom of choice are critical, and a project must be completely thought out and organized to maintain structure and achieve desired learning goals.  Scaffolding and facilitating are also necessary to make a PBL unit successful.  I would say the part I understand least well is what to do when the project isn’t working, do you incorporate more instruction, allow more time, try to provide more and more guidance?  I know struggling is an important thing for students to help them truly create a solid understanding, but so often students lack either the motivation or tenacity to stick with something and really work through problems without giving up or asking relentlessly for answers.  

When I started the course I expected to learn the basics of Project Based Learning and I did just that.  I don’t think I’ll have a true understanding of how to use it in my classroom until I actually do it, but I have learned the foundations on which to be able to use it as part of my classroom instruction.  Having gone through the process of creating a PBL project and receiving feedback from others is very helpful in lessening the somewhat intimidating task of utilizing PBL for the first time.  Now that I know what PBL is and have a product I can use I plan to try and incorporate this project or others into my classroom to enhance student engagement and understanding.

Here is the link to my final project.

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