Post Project Reflection

Since I have yet to actually have a group of students do the PBL project it is a little difficult to anticipate where they may struggle and what may need to be revised, but at the same time it is important to consider how both students and teacher will reflect on the PBL experience.  As part of the reflection process I would like everyone who participated to be involved, from the students, teachers, judges, administrators, and parents.  Each group has it’s own unique perspective on the experience and will be able help identify areas of strengths and weaknesses to improve the project.  Students will be completing a self/peer evaluation at the end of the project, but I think a discussion is important as well.  Students will be reflecting throughout the project in the journals, but the post project reflection will be more of a one-time-assessment.  Hopefully through discussions with everyone involved I will be able to improve on certain parts and celebrate others.

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