One of my biggest concerns in the PBL project is to be an effective facilitator.  I am very used to instructing students and trying to guide them with questioning techniques, but I think facilitating a PBL project will require some adjustments.  It is sometimes difficult for me to help students discover on their own, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes when it often seems much more efficient to give them more guidance or answer their questions.  However, with a PBL project I cannot let myself do that, I have to let the students explore and I think my role becomes more of guiding/redirecting than answering.  In order to be an effective facilitator I need to be very observant, organized, and patient to provide effective guidance while allowing students the freedom to explore.  The students will have to become independent of the teacher because I will not tell them what to do, only give suggestions or ask them questions to help lead them to discovering the answers on their own.  Overall I think the biggest change I will need to make is do a better job of not answering questions but rather asking questions to the students to promote critical thinking and exploration.

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